Prizzim 3 inc.

Prizzim 3 is a Winnipeg-based new media company.  It was founded initially to develop interactive entertainment, based on high-concept convergent Intellectual Properties.  The products are primarily created for the internet, that integrate with graphic novels,  Trading Card Games, television series and a range of toys, books and collectibles.

A high definition, customized, always-connected experience is a tall order for any New Media team. Prizzim 3 capitalizes on the trends that drive the success of next generation models. Online has emerged as the mass medium for interactive entertainment. As a result, it changes the way we think about the creation, distribution, and consumption of entertainment experiences and presents new opportunities to evolve the craft even further.

Prizzim 3 is integrating Vision Media Group's  proprietary Armoured Chameleon technology. The system facilitates the building of a global community, based on a trusted relationship model. The program is especially appropriate for the application of online entertainment with a dynamic 'viral marketing' thrust.  It is designed to enable Prizzim 3 to achieve additional revenue through unique and appropriate advertising integration as well as other novel forms of revenue generation.